This is how much I love Marlee Matlin

Playing a lesbian is the surest way to my heart and playing a lesbian on The L Word is golden. Yep, I am that transparent. When I learned that Marlee Matlin was going to be on Dancing With the Stars this season, I knew I had to support her. I had never watched the show before, but I had a fair idea of what to expect since I watched a lot of recaps way back when Kelly Monaco won.

I must break in order to praise my DVR, without which I could not have gotten through Dancing With the Stars. It is a long show, people. There’s an hour and a half on Monday nights and then another hour on Tuesday nights. This two and a half hour event took me roughly seven minutes to get through each week. Well, the first week I watched every single dance in order to get a feel for the way the show works.

Marlee danced to not one but two Billy Joel songs. The first was “You May Be Right” during the second or third week and then the very next week she danced to “She’s Got a Way.” Clearly, she was trying to reward me for sitting through this silly show. I’m glad I didn’t tell her about the DVR.

I voted almost every week. Sometimes I voted for Marlee even if I hadn’t watched the dance yet. That is how loyal I am. That is how awesome Marlee is. I wasn’t surprised that she got voted off on Tuesday. She had hit a wall and wasn’t really getting any better. I can’t get over how much fun she was to watch, though. She is quite a performer. Her face is very expressive and she is beautiful. Out of those ridiculous and unflattering clothes they make her wear on The Word, Marlee is distractingly hot.

I mean, there has to be some reason I DVR’d Sweet Nothing in my Ear.