“Turn out the lights, don’t try to save me”

I can’t let another seven years go by before I see Billy Joel again.

Other than it being too short (what is long enough, though?) the concert was perfect. He opened with “Prelude/Angry Young Man,” which totally rocked. The screen (we were too far away to see anything) showed his fingers on the keys and it was amazing. I still can’t believe how well he plays the piano with those short, stubby fingers.

And he played “Summer, Highland Falls.” With purple lights. I could have died from happiness.

He did “Zanzibar” which featured an amazing horn player whose name I have forgotten, but I do remember that he played the flugelhorn. Have I mentioned that I love me some flugelhorn?

All in all, it was the best of the three shows I’ve seen him play. I know he’s getting old, but he’s still got it. He did some fancy moves with the microphone stand during “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me,” and he sang his own high notes on “An Innocent Man.” It was definitely worth $50 and maybe next time I’ll spring for seats that don’t make my nose bleed.