Two cats

It has been two months since Rupert moved in. We picked him out on August 8 and today is October 8 so it’s pretty clear that it has been two months, except that it feels like we have always been this family. The four of us fit together so easily that it seems absurd that just three months ago, there was no Rupert. We were quite happy when it was just the three of us, but now, happy is an inadequate word. What we have now goes deeper than happiness. It’s a contentedness that settles in my bones and spreads a warmth throughout my entire existence. It’s like that first sip of bourbon all the time.

I find myself saying “I have two cats” out loud to anyone and no one at least three times a day. It still feels unreal, like I’m in a dream. It’s better than I ever could have imagined. It turns out that all I need for an ideal existence is two cats. My heart is full. I can stop worrying about my career and whatever else adult people are supposed to worry about. I just need two cats.


Rupert is four months old now. He has at least doubled in size in the two months we’ve had him. It has been so long since I had a kitten that all this growing is astonishing and amazing to me. His face has changed from a round fuzzy shape to a more angular shape that makes his eyes look really big. His body is much longer now and his feet and ears are a little too big for his current size. His nose and mouth are still tiny, though, and he still has a tiny kitten meow.


He and Sebastian get along like they’ve always known each other, like they were made to be brothers, like my sister and I are. They do everything together. They even use the litter box together. Well, Rupert attends Sebastian like a servant while he uses the litter box. The other day, I watched Rupert pet Sebastian while he pooped. (This is just one way the kitten has earned his Poopert nickname.) Of course, Bash could stand up for himself, but he never does. In addition to tolerating the litter box intrusion, he lets Rupert eat out of the food bowl while he is eating and take toys he is playing with.

Mostly, though, they play together, and it’s adorable. Sebastian is still much bigger than Rupert, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. They sound like a herd of buffalo when they descend the stairs, instead of two normal-sized cats. (Really, for all his size, Sebastian only weighs twelve pounds.) They also feel like buffalo when they charge across the bed while I’m in it.

They also sleep together, sometimes on the bed with me. The cuddling is my favorite part of having two cats. I think. My favorite part could be when they follow me downstairs to the kitchen every morning. Or when they greet me at the door together when I get home from work. No, I think the cuddling beats it all.