What are YOU doing?

Friends, I have been on Twitter. I have allowed it to replace blogging. This was not my intention. It was supposed to be a supplement to my blog and a medium in which I only dabbled. Even though I have been giving Twitter (I want to call it The Twitter, like The Google, but I don’t think it’s there yet) more attention than I mean to, I am not fully committed to it. I guess I don’t quite see the point yet. I like that it is essentially a less-personal text message and a really short blog post. The people who follow me on Twitter don’t have to give me their phone numbers and yet my Twitter updates can show up on their phones. And no one has to spend ten minutes reading a really long blog post about something that could have been said in 160 characters or less.

Also, after that silly poem, I have been having trouble getting back into the writing game. I know that Twitter is still writing. I know that when I put together an assignment sheet, I am writing. I spend a lot of time showing my students how much writing they do that they don’t consciously interpret as writing and there I was—here I am—making that same false distinction between writing and non-writing. Whenever I’m arranging language non-verbally, I am writing.

So, no, I haven’t stopped writing, even though I sometimes allow myself to believe that I have.

I miss my blog. I have three or four started posts that I have abandoned for lack of time, interest, or both. And I have things I want to write posts on but I am still inform-gathering. (This is a generic way of saying that I am two weeks behind with Grey’s Anatomy but I really want to write about Callica.)

Lately, a couple of my hard-and-fast Rules for Being Katie got violated. Example? I NEVER mix milk product and alcohol, but last night, I did a buttery nipple shot and it was amazing—AMAZING! This rule may be gone forever. However, one of the rules I didn’t know I had broken was a Rule of Blogging. (The Rules for Being Katie are so complicated that there are subcategories. Really.) My goal is always to write four posts a week. Stop laughing. But my Rule is never to go more than a week without a new blog post. I’m not sure if I have ever broken it before, although it seems likely that I have. It’s just not something that happens often around here. I will try not to let it happen again.

Although this is going to be a busy week, I’ll be in Chicago on Wednesday to see Amy Ray so you know there is at least one blog post there. I am, frankly, a little afraid of seeing her solo. When she is on stage with Emily Saliers, there is balance, something else for me to think about. I’m sure she won’t be on stage alone in Chicago, but she’ll be the point, the reason, the only reason. It will be an explosion of Amy Ray-ness, and I will be there.