What have I done?

Mary Ann wants to know “What is it about Jennifer Beals that is so attractive?” I think I may have been too honest and now I’m stuck. How can I tell Mary Ann that I spent most of the summer trying to answer this question and all I can really say is that she just is. It may very well be purely a physical thing, since I don’t actually know Jennifer Beals or really very much about her, not because I haven’t looked but because she’s a pretty private person, which I respect. Clearly, Mary Ann has no idea who Jennifer Beals is or she wouldn’t ask such a silly question, right?

What happened was this. I wrote a paper, a critical autobiography, about my sister. It’s not a good paper, and now Mary Ann is trying to make sense of the babble. I feel really sorry for her and embarrassed for myself. I tried to write just about the summer and Mary Ann told us to make it read like a story. Bethany and I spent a lot time watching The L Word and talking about The L Word so I put that in there to kind of set the scene. Naturally, Jennifer Beals came up and now Mary Ann is asking what is attractive about her to me. Maybe I’ll just say that people are drawn to people and sometimes there’s no reason. Or maybe I’ll lie and say that I exaggerated my attraction to Jennifer Beals and really, I find her quite common. Or maybe I won’t answer the question at all.